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Smoky Topaz Duchess Necklace

Smoky Topaz Duchess Necklace

Hassan Bounkit

Vintage Smoky Topaz collectible piece that could never be bought today at this price.

The size of these smoky topazes are irreplaceable today.

This is only quality that can be produced by the one and only Master Hassan Bounkit.

It has become now a one of a kind rare piece, a fantastic buy at this price.

This is exquisite fashion genuine jewelry.

Brass , unique metals hand tooled. Very important this necklace measure 14 inches around the neck including the links.

If you have a thick neck , you may want to take it to a jeweler and add chain , which is very simple to do. This style is to sit very close almost as a choker.

If you have any questions or concern , please do not feel restrained in asking.

100% authentic Hassan Bounkit

This would retail atleast for $2,000 dollars in todays market.

Smoky Topazes are classic and ever lasting colors , can be worn in the summer time and all thru winter.

Spectacular piece of fashion jewelry.

An incredible statement necklace with huge Smoky Topaz Gemstones in Three different shapes. Oval , square and teardrops. This showpiece is another winner of Hassan Bounkit. All handmade of brass metal and unique handcrafted jewel. Whether entering a black tie affair, a royalty party or a magnificent restaurant , this necklace is a true work of art.

Remember this is a short necklace 14 inches , but it is not a problem for a jeweler to lengthen the size of the chain according the buyers specifications.
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