Jay Strongwater Colorful Peacock

Jay Strongwater colorful peacock. She  seems like a dancer in full poise Enameled brass metal full of aurora boriales and Swarovski crystals. Sparkling in blues, greens, purples&more shades.. Could have been an ashtray? but it is a décor piece or it could be to put for jewelry on a dresser or by the entrance of a home to put the keys. The tail is like a form of a dish, dress, long feathered illusioned tailout of hand crafted designs. It is almost as gorgeous as a piece of jewelry or art. It seems alive. As Is ,kept in a smoke free environment ,in a glass showcase, like in a guilded cage , or it would run away. Never used only displayed, no box or covers, Sexy, fancy bird, & shapely design. What a stunning conversation piece. She is solid weight , could be also seen as a collectible egg.

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